Unlock the secrets of life, love, happiness, and success!

Mottos For Success is a desktop quotebook that is guaranteed to give you a daily dose of motivation. The Mottos For Success features an original quotation for each day of the year, while taking you on a journey of Poland through its stunning photography.


  • Inspirational

    Mottos for Success is a library of insightful proverbs, sensible advice, and stirring slogans that might be just what you need to help you come out on top at the end of your day.

  • Great gift

    Whether you buy a Mottos for Success for your own home or office, or give them to friends or employees as a gift, you’ll be happy you tried the most addicting, success creating quotebook around.

  • Poland in Pictures

    Explore beautiful Poland through the gorgeous photography featured on each page, as you benefit from the wealth of guidance, wisdom, and insight packed into the accompanying daily quote.

Inside pages

  • Mottos for Success Calendar - Inside Pages Sample June 23

  • Mottos for Success Calendar - Inside Pages Sample November 4

  • Mottos for Success Calendar - Inside Pages Sample June 11

  • Mottos for Success Calendar - Inside Pages Sample May 15

Why Choose Mottos?

    • Beautiful photography
      Gorgeous photos of Poland for every page
    • Perpetual calendar
      A never ending calendar for every year
    • Perfect gift
      Makes a perfect Christmas or New Year’s gift
    • Handy format
      Packaged in a gift box
  • Mottos for Success gift box decor

    • Daily quotes
      A motivating thought for every day of the year
    • Resourceful
      Ideas and tips to reflect on and implement
    • Inspirational
      Start each new day primed for success
    • Insightful
      Find keys to better relationships
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